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Memento Tea Art Online Gallery is representing artists specialized in Lowbrow, Surrealism and Contemporary Art, focus on Dark, Gothic & Horror Genre.

We'd love to bring you into a new elegant dark world, where Creepy and Luxury are poetically blended to create a new way of view of this genre.

Memento Tea Gallery
A delicious moment of pause, immersed in the Surreal Dark World.
Centuries Decay
9th September - 7th October 2019

A show for the ghostly

scar of immortality

Grand Opening
4th March - 5th April 2019

Into the Afterlife's journey fully immersed in songs, dances and congratulations for the final farewell. A superstitions ritual, born from mysterious and playful minds, during the baleful period of the Black Death.

Memento Tea's Grand Opening will serve you its main dish: the Death.

Danse Macabre