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Memento Tea Art Online Gallery is exhibits national and international artists working in Lowbrow, Surrealism and Contemporary Art, focus on Gothic & Horror Genre. We'd love to bring you into a new elegant dark world, where Creepy and Luxury are poetically blended to create a new way of view by this genre, offering affordable art directly shipped by exhibited artists.


Memento Tea was born initially as Collective, in August 2016, from Stefania Russo and Sandra Hultsved and growed successively as online Gallery, from November 2018.

Artistically, Memento Mori historical theme give to most of contemporary artists such a powerful inspiration.... Like an ironic touch like a pause for a "tea time"  waiting for the imminent end.

The goal of the gallery is showing have this state of mind, an elegant, cute, and illustrative gothic/horror, inspired by Death and related. There is no fear of the Schythe.

Art by ©Yuriko Shirou

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